Saturday, June 16, 2012

Greek yogurt for 10oz for $.50

Three people wanting to enjoy a delicious greek yogurt once a day = $90/month. The best price I could find was about $1 for a Chobani.

Yikes that was just too much, so I carefully spaced out how often I indulged but with the weather getting warmer it grew harder to resist. But seriously $90 a month for a 6 oz yogurt each day just didn't seem right.

But I found a solution. Make my own... $.50 for a 10oz yogurt(6oz just never seemed liked enough). And now I can also control how much sugar is in each one.

Here are some pictures and instructions in case you want to make some of your own!

1. Purchase plain yogurt of your choice...I bought this 64oz container of yogurt from Costco for about $3.79

64oz of plain yogurt from Costco 

 2. You need a large  coffee filter, a strainer and a bowl.  Place the strainer in the bowl, then put the coffee filter in the strainer and then dump the whole container of yogurt into the coffee filter lined strainer.  Cover tightly with foil and put in the refrigerator over night or 8hours.  And there you have it greek yogurt.  You might have to dump out the liquid from the bowl and then let strain a little longer if there isn't enough space between your strainer and bottom of bowl.

 3. I made some fruit mixtures to add with the yogurt but forgot to take a picture  I made strawberry and blueberry by simply putting frozen berries in a saucepan and adding honey until desired sweetness.
I let the mixture cool and then added a little to each of the containers ( I found them at the Dollar Store, 6 for a $1.00)

4. Scoop desired amount of yogurt on top of fruit and enjoy or save for later.

5.  It made 8 but Joe and I had to have one as a taste test.  They get 5 stars!

I think I will be making these a regular part of my diet.  So yummy!


  1. I just made yoghurt last week! You can up the protein/make thicker with added powdered milk or/and evap milk (more like greek).

    1. Do you have the recipe for the yogurt you made? I tried to make regular yogurt in the crock pot but it didn't turn out as yummy as I would like