Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Castor Oil + Olive Oil = ?

Homemade Face Wash

I have been pinning things on pintrest for almost a year but realized I rarely go back and make any of the things I pin.  So I made a goal to make at least one new pin a week.

I'm really happy I tried out this homemade face wash concoction. I really don't know how I got brave enough to try putting oil on my face since my face is so sensitive and acne prone but I did and love it.  It really has helped the breakouts I've been getting on my neck.  I also notice that I have a lot fewer blackheads.  Also it leaves my skin feeling moisturized rather than dried out like the other cleansers I've been using.

Just follow the link below for the instructions.  I use the 2Tbsp olive oil & 3 Tbsp castor oil mixture

About every 3-5 days I add just about a tsp of sugar to the mixture when washing my face and it is great for exfoliating. I got the idea from a website but can't seem to find it now.

Can't wait to share more of the new things I try out in the days to come.


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