Monday, February 4, 2013

Cup of coffee or working out?

Glad I chose the workout over another cup of coffee because I'm feel so much more awake than a few hours ago.  Nothing like getting your heart rate up to take your day in a whole new direction. 
Loving this leg workout

For the last few months I've had to take it easy on my shoulder so I've mainly been working out my legs and abs. I came across this workout on pintrest about the same time that I injured myself so I have been doing this workout several times a week and think it is worth sharing.

 I made a few changes to baby my shoulder so feel free to mix things up if a move or two don't work for you.

Working out from home saves me so much time and I love all the free workouts available online that require little to no equipment!

Hope you will make sometime for yourself and get a little workout in.  Today's workout cheered me up and has me ready for the rest of the day that lies ahead.

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