Thursday, July 31, 2014

Zoe Faith's Photo Shoot

We took Zoe Faith to her first photo shoot.  The conclusion: Zoe is a cutie!  Her little nose and lips keep bringing a smile to my face. The way she has her hands against her cheeks and her little knees curled up is to cute for words. I think I may have looked at her pictures a hundred times in the last two days. I just can't get enough of seeing her.

We went to First Peek for a 3D ultrasound.  They gave us a dvd with thirty minutes of Zoe on video, a cd full of pictures and a teddy bear with Zoe's heartbeat inside. During that time she sucked her thumb, rubbed her eyes, yawned, opened her right eye and kicked all around.  Joe and I couldn't hold back the tears, the ultrasound tech even shed a few tears with us. To see Zoe so full of energy and life was beautiful. It will be a memory I carry with me forever.

I put a couple of the pictures on my phone and like a proud mommy I've had fun emailing them to people and going around showing people at work my little cutie pie.  I'm looking forward to holding Zoe and kissing her precious little cheeks.

It seems to be a pattern that two days after I go to an ultrasound or doctors appointment is when I fall apart.  So today on the way home from work I sobbed uncontrollably. Sometimes you just have to let it out and tears seem to allow me feel the depth of sadness that is within but also the nearness of God's love.  I realize that when I'm most broken is when my heart grows with love for others. At these moments of brokenness I find that all the unimportant things in life fall away and what really matters rises to the top; loving people, compassion, forgiveness, thankfulness, kindness, acceptance, friendship, family...

Speaking of family.... Last weekend was a weekend filled with lots of snuggles, relaxation, fun and sweet memories. I had been counting down the days for our trip home to spend time with family and like always I was reminded of how there really is nothing like being in a house filled with family.

We celebrated Gemma's 4th birthday! On the morning of her party she asked if she could have cake for breakfast then again at lunch and again 2 hours before the party.  I think she was more excited to eat cake than for opening gifts.

It meant a lot for me to go home and let Zoe meet some of her family. I had to hold back the tears a few times. Gemma asked me if I still had a baby in my tummy.  When I told her yes and that her name was Zoe she told me that Zoe and baby Thatcher will be friends.  Later in the day Zoe was kicking so I let Gemma feel my tummy to see if Zoe would kick for her.  With her little hand resting on my tummy she told me that Zoe could hear us talking. She leaned close to my belly and said in the cutest voice "Hi baby Zoe, can you hear me".  And later she told me she was glad there was going to be another girl to play with.  It took everything in me to not burst into tears but at the same time it was just so sweet.  Times like these are hard but they also help me realize just how precious Zoe's life is.

I enjoyed spending time watching Joe bring an abundance of laughter to Gemma and Carter as they played all sorts of games through out the weekend.  When we were packing up to leave Carter climbed on the bed and wanted Joe to wrap him up in the blankets and then he would try to get out.  For the finale of the game Joe literally tied Carter up in a sheet and then told Carter he was going to pack him up in his suitcase and Carter started chanting "do it! do it!"  I guess he wanted to come back to Chicago for a longer visit.  Wish we could have brought them all with us.  I loved playing games and just hanging out with everyone. The time definitely went by too fast. I can't wait until all the family can be together again.

 I'm not sure what was going on that Sunday but Zoe kicked and kicked and kicked during the whole church service. Then on the way home I startled Joe a few  times when I let out loud "WOWS" when Zoe kicked stronger than usual.  Being kicked from the inside sure is a funny feeling.

I'm looking forward to next weekend when Zoe will get to meet both her grandmas and her great grandparents. Tomorrow is her Daddy's birthday and hopefully she will give him a big kick for his birthday.

26 weeks Pregnant!!!


  1. Beautiful thoughts from my beautiful daughter-in-law. Thank you for sharing, Jen!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and Zoe's life with us. She is already making a difference in this world. My friend Heather might be a great resource for you. She tells the story of her twin girls whom she held for 52 minutes after their birth and how their short lives go on to touch the world through Heathers music.